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Moleskin Rug
  • Moleskin Rug

    Moleskin rugs are great as a under rug or show rug. The brushed underside adds for extra warmth and is easy on the coat. This fabric offfers the perfect balance of breathable and warmth.


    Our moleskin rugs are made with brushed cotton moleskin fabric and includes satin shoulders. The front of the rug has a high quality adjustable buckle. The leg straps feature quick release clips. 


    Also available is matching tail bag and hoods, see "For the Horse"

    • Embroidery

      We can really make your item look like something special with our top quality Embroidery machines, email us at with your logo. If your not sure what you want our instore digitiser can liase with you and create something that suits your needs.

    • Bulk Orders

      Do you have an event or own a club that needs to do a bulk order. Send us an email and we may be able to provide sponsorship to reduce your costs. 

    • Turn around time

      Turn around is usually 21 days but we can help if you require your products fast tracked.

    PriceFrom $90.00
    GST Included
    Trim Colour
    Moleskin Fabric
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