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Foal Rug
  • Foal Rug

    Foal Rugs are great for those newly born foals to keep them warm and also dry. With a waterproof outer layer and wool or quilt inner layer they are perfect for the colder weather we experience in southern Australia.


    Our foal rugs are made with 600 denier polyester ripstop fabric on the outside, and wool or cotton quilting in the inside. The foal rug has velcro at the front and on the tummy flap to allow it to be adjusted to fit your foal. These rugs come with a tail flap (optional) which has an elastic loop to put the foals tail through to keep it from sliding off. 


    Our size is currently made to suit day old thoroughbreds/warmbloods however send us a message if you would like a different size made. 

      GST Included
      Trim Colour
      Ripstop colour
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